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Alquiler de casas vacacionales in Seven Dwarfs, Encantada, Bella Vida, Herritage, Venetian en Kissimmee Orlando Florida cerca Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, Sea World, Convention Center y otras atracciones en Estados Unidos.

Nuestra renta de casas están localizadas en Kissimmee-Orlando en el área de Florida Central para fácil acceso a Disney World, Magic Kingdom y otras atracciones, como listan abajo:


orlando-vacation-disney EPCOT Center: 25 minutes

orlando-vacation-disney WALT DISNEY WORLD: 25 minutes

orlando-vacation-disney Disney – MGM Studios: 25 minutes

orlando-vacation-disney Magic Kingdom: 25 minutes

orlando-vacation-disney Disney’s Animal Kingdom: 25 minutes

orlando-vacation-disney Universal Orlando – Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure: 20 minutes

orlando-vacation-disney Sea World: 15 minutes

orlando-vacation-disney Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral – 45 minutes

orlando-vacation-disney Daytona Beach: 70 minutes

orlando-vacation-disney Downtown Orlando: 15 minutes


Aproximadamente a 25 minutos de nuestra renta de propiedades de vacaciones, incluyendo a Villas, Town Homes, condos, apartamentos estan disponibles las famosas atracciones de Walt Disney Word y otros famosos parques descritos abajo:



This is the place that combines a diversity of different cultures presented in the setting of one community as a World Showcase of Walt Disney dream of a Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Attracting mainly the adult and intellectually inclined visitors, this theme park does offer however something for individuals of all ages.

orlando vacation epcot

Disney-MGM Studios

You would expect to find this theme park in a Hollywood setting as it is in fact a television and movie studio recreated among the Disney World parks. There, we find some of the World’s famous Disney attraction such as Rock n’ Roller Coaster and Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror.

orlando vacation MGMStudios

Magic Kingdom Park

This is the most famous of the Disney parks and visitors who have been enchanted by the majesty of the place keep coming back; some were brought in by their parents way back when Disney first started. They then returned as young adults for that experience no one has enough of. And later on they came back with their own children and would you believe they are again visiting with their grandchildren. This place is fascinating; every visit is a new experience and guests at our Vacation Rental Homes rush in to the Magic Kingdom to rediscover this unique sensation of excitement either by themselves or in company of their children and grandchildren.

As we enter this grandiose allay leading to the Cinderella Castle which can be seen from a distance, our excitement grows as we approach the majesty of the structure and our imagination lets us dream that we are about to meet the kings, queens, princes and princesses who inhabit within the walls.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

For the Disney organization, this is a totally new concept in the concept of a theme park, as they themselves describe it “A new Species of Theme Park”. It caught on with the visitors to Central Florida and became just as famous as the other parks although there are not as many activities going on.

The Disney Company is always in an ever expanding mood of creating new attractions for people to enjoy themselves. We should not be surprised to see something different between two visits.

orlando vacation Disney Animal Kingdom